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Unrivaled Global Network

Professional tippers covering every major sport – Soccer, Golf, Tennis, and of course Horse Racing

Overall Profit

326.55 UNITS, that’s $32,655.00 for $100 stakes

Unique insights into every tip

We don’t just give you the tips, we provide the full background and cover every possible outcome from weather to team changes

Overall Return On Investment

(ROI: Profit / Total Stakes) 41.5%

Tip Alerts Direct To You

Members receive an meail instantly, as soon as new tips are available, wherever you are on the globe

Horse Racing Profit

110.09, 35% winning strike rate, 68% win / place strike rate, ROI 32.8%

Loyal Community

Our members stay with us year on year due the quality of the tips, staking information and customer support, as well as our commitment to honesty, integrity and customer service

Greyhounds Profit

132,57 units, 54% Winning Strike Rate 85.3% W/P strike rate, ROI 43.6%

Bankroll Management

We treat all our tips as an investment, providing the best strategies to maximise profit and minimise risk

Sports Tipping Profits

82.89 units, 56.8 % ROI

Strong, consistent profit

We don’t rely on big one-off days, you can expect ongoing profits month after month, year after year

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Proven betting methods

We provide a huge variety of betting methods to take advantage of the gaps the odds makers don’t see

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Fully responsive site

Access your tips from any device, from anywhere in the world