Q: How will I receive tips? 

All our tips are posted in the MEMBERS TIPS section of our website. When you join we send you a tipping schedule, you then simply log into the site and the tips will be there for you. We also send you an email when fresh tips are up.

Q: Do you have a tipping schedule? 

We certainly do, you can download it here [Tipping Schedule].

Q: Can I cancel at anytime? 

Absolutely!  Our memberships run month to month, quarterly or yearly with NO LOCK INS. You can access your 'Subscription Portal' here to update your details or cancel your subscription. We also have both weekend and annual passes with no subscription, check them out in our Membership Options section

Q: Do you provide profit updates? 

Yes, every week we email ALL our members so you can track our performance.

 Q: Do you give staking advice? 

 Yes! We provide full insight and bankroll management advice for each and every tip. How you bet is as important as what you bet on! Check out our Bankroll Strategy section for more details

Q: If I have a problem, how do I contact you? 

You can either CHAT LIVE on the website (or leave a message if offline), OR email us at customerservice@bookiebeater.com.au OR PM us on our FB page www.facebook.com/BookieBeaterGlobal

Q: I have not received my Account Invite / login information how do I login? 

If you have previously purchased from us at our old site using the same email you may not receive an automated account invite. You can either contact us to manually send one out or proceed to create your own account following the steps below;

Step 1. Click on account

Step 2. Select 'Create Account

Step 3. Enter your first and last name then select create.

Step 4. Confirm you are not a Robot and if successful you will be taken to your associated account. 


* Note: If you receive a notification that your email is already associated with an account please  Reset your Password  


Step 1. Enter your email address and click on 'Submit'.


Step 2. Check your Inbox for our automated 'Password Reset' email and select 'Password Reset'.


Step 3. Reset your password and then log in to access your account. 

* Note: Once logged into your account you will be able to then access all Tips providing your Subscription / Pass is active.