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Bookie Beater: The Two Pronged Strategy Explained 1. The 2% Principle

The ordinary punter is, by definition, subject to much more heightened emotions than the average person because of the uncertain nature of gambling. This is especially true when we talk about joy, despair, fear and greed. Other than what you actually bet on, the key to long term successful betting is to utilize both logic and strategy to overcome these emotions.


Irrespective of how your day is going you should NEVER deviate from your Bankroll Management strategy. Irrespective of how good or bad a run you are having you should only increase your stakes in line with the 2% principle (explained below) and NEVER EVER chase your losses…

Before we go into the 2% principle and our IN THE MONEY system, here is a sobering stats for you.

Less than 3% of all punters make money from horse / greyhound racing LONG TERM.

All tippers, at least all reputable tippers know that how you bet is as important as what you bet on. That being the case in order to be effective LONG TERM you need to employ a solid bankroll management strategy.

In the case of Bookie Beater this is a two pronged strategy, the first is fairly conventional and is what we call our 2% Principle, the second is our ‘IN THE MONEY’ strategy, which involves both the skills of our tippers AND a very simple but effective idea.

The 2% Principle is simply this:

Your starting bankroll should contain 50 stakes, with each stake then representing 2% of your bankroll.

For example, if your starting bankroll is $1000 then each stake is $20.

Secondly and crucially from a bankroll build point of view your individual stake then adjusts as your bankroll increases or decreases (however the latter is not an issue we have faced long term, such is the performance of our team), but the 2% principle stays in place.

We advise that you adjust after each round of tips, so if after a day’s racing you have made $200 profit on your original $1000 stake your new stake is then 2% of $1200 or $24.

This all may seem very basic and almost insulting to many of you, however it is this principle, along with our IN THE MONEY system and of course the quality of our tippers that separates YOU AND US from the everyday punter that may enjoy betting but who will never consistently win in the long term.