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Bookie Beater’s IN THE MONEY System

In order to give you a bit of perspective on our unique IN THE MONEY system, firstly we should provide some insight into our longstanding racing and greyhound tippers.

Both have studied the art of racing and punting, both on the horses and greyhounds from their early teens and have worked tirelessly, almost obsessively as a team over the years on differing methods of both studying the form and bankroll building.

Those years of graft have enabled them to now be in the fortunate position of being a full time professional punters. Whilst it sounds easy, it is, in reality a constantly evolving challenge, as the racing world gets ever more competitive with access to very sophisticated training methods and facilities no longer restricted to just a small handful of stables.

Their tipping record as you will discover over the coming weeks and months is as good as any you will find in the industry. We track their records and provide all members with fortnightly profit updates.

In order to win and win consistently they both employ their own unique system, ‘IN THE MONEY’

Whilst this involves all of the above which will forever be their ‘secret sauce’, the approach itself follows a very simple rule:

Any selection that is paying more than $1.50 for the place we tip on a 30:70 each way basis.


Horse A is paying $5.50 to win and $2.20 to place.

Say your single stake is $10, therefore you would split the 2 stakes thus:

$6 win @ $5.00 (0.6 stakes)

$14 place @ $1.90 (1.4 stakes)

If the horse wins you then win:
$6 x $5.0 = $30.00 (3.3 stakes)
$14 x $1.90 = $26.60 (2.66 stakes)
So for 2 stakes outlay it’s a 3.96 stake PROFIT if the horse wins and 0.66 PROFIT if it places
The same example on a standard e/w would return 4.9 stakes PROFIT if it wins BUT a 0.1 stake LOSS if it places.
The principle behind this takes into account a solid strike rate for the profitable tipper who doesn’t just back short priced favorites. Typically, you are looking in the range of:
20-30% WINS
60-75% WIN / PLACE

Obviously this varies according to the average SP across the range of tips in any example but this is good for this example.

On the 20-30% of occasions that the above TIP WINS you would lose 0.94 units of profit or 19% whilst still maintaining a profit of 198%.

On the other 40-55% of occasions where the TIP doesn’t win BUT PLACES you would make an additional 0.76 units and more crucially you would walk away with a 33% profit as opposed to a 5% loss.

This approach has proven to be even more effective when it comes to big priced selections (or ROUGHIES as is the common vernacular in Australasia). The WINNING strike rate for these horses which are generally described as anything $10 or above is lower BUT the WIN / PLACE strike rate is actually quite high (for Bookie Beater at any rate, it is in the range of 55-70% in any given month).


There will be occasions where we have identified two horses in a race (particularly if there are over 10 runners). We will always be on the look-out for value bets (we never use the term roughy as it implies its more about chance than knowledge).

Let’s presume we feel that two horses have a good chance at winning, one of which is a favourite or second favourite and the other is our ‘value bet’. Instead of picking one, we can dutch the horses. The first step is to note the prices. In this case;

– Horse A is 3.0
– Horse B is 9.0
In this case, we shall assume that we have stated a one stake total bet or $100

The last step is to split up the stake between the two horses, and place $75.00 on horse A, and £25.00 on horse B – Therefore, the total cost of bet is £100.

The outcome?

If horse A wins, you gain $225, but lose the $25.00 staked on horse B. Total profit should horse A win: $125.00