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About The Tennis Titan

Our tennis titan is based in Melbourne, Australia, and is a qualified Statistician by trade and the skill set he has honed from his studies and professional career has served him well now he has made the transition to full-time capper.

Unusually though his style is very much focussed initially on instinct and gut feel with stats very much backing up his picks. In his own words, stats are important undoubtedly, but everything from player styles, court speed, players’ long flights, player motivation at given tournament and even wind speeds can all play a factor in tennis and vary so greatly that to analyse any match, you have to dig deep into a range of obscure variables before pulling the trigger. While this can make predictions trickier, the challenge of understanding how a match might play out is what he thrives on. 

In terms of betting style, he tries as much as he can to attack value. His ‘betting numbers not outcomes’ has him backing dogs often.  Like all our cappers ROI is the primary driver as opposed to strike rate as it is that which builds bankroll in the long run.

We love that he is also not averse to a parlay, without compromising his core principles. Before committing to a parlay, he initially has to see value in every leg. He also takes pride in his Outright bets which often seek value in odds even above odds of +10000.

Another interesting aspect of his betting style is his love of niche markets to bet on. His take is that if you understand the possibilities of the outcomes well, you can be more specific and find exceptional value. However, like any good pro he is prudent enough to recognize his own 

limitations and concede that sometimes he does not have a good enough reading on a match. 

This is the mistake of the majority of amateur cappers, trying to force the issue rather than moving onto the next opportunity that fits a defined criteria. Ultimately whatever he is doing is working, during the past year of proofing he has averaged $2,563 profit per month with an ROI in excess of 24%!

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