The Multi-Master

About The Multi-Master

The Multi-Master is quite simply the best of the best. Each day our guys will be providing us with their best tip of the day. We then decide as a group what the most effective mixed sports parlay or parlays are for that day.

Sometimes we will add a little ‘fat’ into one or more of the tips, reducing the single bet odds slightly but building in a ‘safety net’ for that tip. This is a brand new concept for a sports capping site and much like our HOT TIPS feature it has proven an incredible innovation, with some eye-watering returns

You can expect anything from 2-4 leg parlays…but what you can’t do is buy this as an individual subscription. This is ONLY available to our VIP subscribers as a way of saying thank you for committing yourself fully to our service.

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Please note all stats are based off $100 unit size