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About The MMA Monstar

Our resident MMA guru is based in the US and has been capping full time on the sport for just over 3 years and it’s fair to say he has really honed his craft, having had a semi pro career himself.

You will never be wanting for picks as he not only covers the 40+ UFC events a year he also brings his expertise to the likes of Bellator, Cage Warriors & KSW.

We trailed a number of MMA cappers and it wasn’t even a contest, with an astonishing strike rate of 65-70% and an ROI that has never dropped below 30% his numbers really speak for themselves. Like most of our guys he had no losing months during his trial period, in fact he didn’t even come close to doing so. Not surprising, given how much he immerses himself in his passion.

You can expect anything up to 15 picks per fight night with a big focus on Parlays. If you just want to duck in and out of his picks (we can’t think why, he’s literally a license to print) you can pay a one off fee for individual fight picks.

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