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About The Home Run Hero

‘Rocky’ Robin, aka The Homerun Hero, is a Colorado-based lifelong baseball fanatic turned capping pro. A former minor leaguer he’s spent a lifetime predicting, with unerring accuracy, the lines that Vegas would be putting out on MLB games.

He’s used this sixth sense to locate poor lines and exploit them. His strong math skills and unsurpassed knowledge of the game has blended perfectly with the new “sabermetric” movement in baseball analysis.

By creating and continually refining his own simulation model, the Homerun Hero, can now produce sharper lines and predict line movement with uncanny precision. As a subscriber you get to avail of all the data and analysis that Robin has collected, dissected and refined as deadly ammunition in your baseball betting arsenal.

As a subscriber to the Homerun Hero you will not only receive winning picks and analysis, but you also will get more actionable insights and value from his “betting psychology”, Expect Value reports, and insight into his betting systems that have been tracking trends from 2005! Anyway, what are you still doing reading this BIO? Sign up now and see your bankroll and knowledge EXPLODE!

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