The Gridiron Giant

About The Gridiron Giant

We are delighted to announce the introduction of Steve aka the Gridiron Giant to our arsenal of cappers. A highly prized asset, GG has been a highly successful pro capper for 20+ years and has regularly appeared in the TOP10s of nationwide capping contests along the way.

He consistently hits a strike rate of 60% plus and has gone 97-62 over the past 2 seasons. How he achieves that is no great secret, it’s quite simply a total dedication to his sport from June through February where our man eats, sleeps and breathes football to the exclusion of all else.

As a subscriber you will not only benefit from his picks but will also get exclusive insight into what makes the man tick through his meticulous analysis and attention to detail, irrespective of whether its college, Canadian or NFL.

So whether you are a dyed in the wool football fanatic or simply a fan of seeing your bankroll grow double G has you covered.

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