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You can describe our golf capper’s approach in one keyword…scientific! He employs a system known as ARIMA (AutoRegressive Integrated Moving Average). It is a specialized system that is designed to work specifically with time-series data. Professional golf events produce a unique format of time-series data in the form of the results of the event.

This system is, of course, only as good as both the data provided and the analysis of that data and of all the golf cappers we trialed his analysis was by far the most effective. It’s fair to say that golf betting is a real rollercoaster ride where given the odds you can’t expect to win every week.

The flip side of this is that when you do win, boy do you win big! You may have your personal favorite sports but we can say with absolute confidence that there are few feelings in sports betting like watching a +8000 pick roll in a winning putt to cap off your weekend!

We can also guarantee that if you stick with our man long term you will be very well rewarded. If golf is just a casual watch for you, you should consider giving our capper a go when the Majors roll around, he has had some truly historic wins over the years in the big events, including Morikawa’s recent historic win at The Open

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