The eSports Legend

About The eSports Legend

Our eSPORTS capper is based in Liverpool England and is the youngest member of our team and our most recent discovery. Given that 78% of eSports bettors are between the ages of 18-25 this is probably no surprise.

What we love about this young champion is not just his incredible raw talent but his passion for his craft and his willingness to learn and grow. We have learned a massive amount about eSports in the 3 months we have been working with Dan and are hugely excited to have him on board. There is absolutely no doubt that this will continue to be the fastest growing sector of the industry having surpassed $1bn in 2019 for the first time.

Our man’s secret is that he absolutely immerses himself in every conceivable stat before committing to a pick. There is literally no stone unturned and nothing left to chance.

Whether you are a fan of eSports or not, indeed whether you even understand it we still highly recommend you jump on board with this guy. This is particularly true if you enjoy a high volume of bets, with a huge strike rate (just under 70% at the time of writing) and fantastic monthly profit averaging over 90 units a month during the proofing process.

We are very confident that these stats will only continue to improve as we work with him to perfect his bankroll management strategy.

Growth Graph

tipper's growth_graph

Please note all stats are based off $100 unit size