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Luck Is For Losers!

We all have that buddy, work colleague or family member that constantly complains about their bad luck. It’s never their fault, always their boss, their wife, the fucking cosmos, nothing to do with their attitude, lack of skill, ambition or will to win…god damn annoying aren’t they?? (funny video of someone bemoaning their bad luck, maybe Milhouse’s dad after he sings can i borrow a feeling and Homer takes the piss…)

All you gamblers out there know that the world of sports betting is no different. There’s always that guy who is on a never ending losing streak, not because of the fact that he is FUCKING CLUELESS and couldn’t pick a winner if his life depended on it but because the betting Gods are against him. (worst gambler ever video…) 

Hey, I’m not saying that luck doesn’t play a part, which is why we all love sports.  

There’s that freakish 3 pointer in the dying seconds that screws your spread bet (cue appropriate video) 

The crazy own goal in injury time that kills your soccer bet 

The stick break in the shootout that destroys your hockey parlay 

If you’ve been betting for any length of time you’ll have a bad beat story of your very own, it’s all part of the game, in fact let’s do this. Comment below with your bad luck betting stories and we’ll pick the 3 best and send them $100 to help ease the pain! 

BUT…If you want to WIN and WIN consistently you’ve gotta know that LUCK IS FOR LOSERS PEOPLE! 

When you think you’re unlucky, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and in sports as in life you’ve gotta man up and take responsibility or GIVE THE FUCK UP. 

Sports betting is no different to any other skill game, in fact its alot like poker. Ask yourself, why do you think the same nine guys make it to the final table of the World Series of Poker EVERY YEAR? What, are they the luckiest guys in Las Vegas? 

So how do you stack the odds in your favor to make sure you aren’t that loser that always blames everything but himself for his losses? Well…that’s where we come in… 

We at Bookie Beater are a team of ex industry professionals that make a living from beating the bookies and we are using our 50+ years of collective experience to bring you the BEST OF THE BEST. We are on a Nationwide recruitment campaign to find the best sports tippers in the entire country.  

We are busy finding the Phil Ivey’s, Daniel Negreanu’s and Antonio Esfandiari’s of Sports Betting….(clips of each player taking down a big pot) 

Unlike every other sports tipper in the US, we will track and publish every bet they make, their profit, their return on investment and best of all…. 

From this JANUARY, YOU will have the chance to bet on what they bet on and win what they win. You’ll also learn their betting and bankroll management strategies to understand the science behind being one of the 8% that make a profit from sports betting. (can use video images from the vid ads I have done.) 

Leave bad luck to the losers, join the winning team, visit to find out more.